Café at the Water Lily Pond

Join us at the Palm Café, located directly at the Water Lily Pond. We serve cakes, pies and ice cream specialities directly from our own confectioner as well as other delicious snacks. Enjoy wonderful views of the pond and its lovely flowering water lilies: they make this the ideal place to recharge your batteries. The shade of the palm trees here creates an exotic atmosphere in perfect keeping with Merano’s uncommonly mild climate.

With a seating capacity of 40, the Palm Café’s exceptional ambience and lovely setting have made it a very popular gathering spot for visitors.



Select from our delicious appetisers, freshly prepared salads, light Italian or regional cuisine, and exquisite desserts.

Palm Café


Refined ice cream specialities, such as the Trauttmansdorff Sundae, or coffee & cake, little snacks, or something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Group menus


Are you traveling with a larger group and want a personalized menu? Contact us. We are happy to implement your wishes for you.